Dickson - Miami
Dickson - Belfast
Dickson - Acrylic
Dickson - Acrylic
Dickson - Acrylic
Dickson - Acrylic
Dickson - Acrylic
Ferrier - La danse
Ferrier - Confiture, matiere, lumiere
Ferrier - Enciclopédie du romantisme
Ferrier - Sundays
Ferrier - Lonely with fidelity
Zimmerman - Quilt
Zimmerman - Loop
Zimmerman - Curl

Press Release



August 5 - 24, 2016

Opening Reception August 5, 6 - 9pm

Gaa Gallery Provincetown


Gaa Gallery - Provincetown is pleased to present Sundays, a group show featuring the work of Rodney Dickson, Nathalie Ferrier and Peter Zimmermann. This exhibition will run from August 5 to 24. Please join us for an opening reception on August 5 from 6 to 9pm.


Nathalie Ferrier’s domestic inspirations explore practices inherited from the past. By mimicking the traditional models of womanhood on one hand and defending those models as valid on the other Ferrier creates a space that integrates femininity. This continuing exploration creates a cultural continuum of learned domestic tools, such as sewing, crocheting and knitting. Ferrier is an interdisciplinary artist who received her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art. Ferrier is based in Truro, MA and began her career as an award winning fashion designer. The skills she honed in the fashion industry and the skill-sets she continues to accumulate have come to inform her current body of work.


Peter Zimmermann who lives and works in Cologne, Germany, creates translucent overlapping painted forms that prompt endless interpretations. The depth and density of his materials create visceral effects of shifting light and color. Zimmermann uses digital filters to manipulate found images that examine the societal shift from a centrally-organized dissemination of knowledge to crowdsourcing. Once these source images are made inert they are given new life as Zimmermann creates a series of assertive yet enigmatic forms that exist as unorthodox liquefied gestures. In this way Zimmermann allows his work to act as a fulcrum for paintings place in the world.


Rodney Dickson grew up during the troubled years of civil and religious disorder that engulfed his home of Northern Ireland. The influence of his early experience coming of age amidst the futility and hypocrisy of war is evident in his art. He continues to explore the metaphysical evolution of a place that exists in a state of recent capitulation. Through his work he has developed an interest in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan where he has researched extensively and completed a number of art projects since 1992.  In 2015 he completed a residency in Taiwan where he produced work inspired by the neon glow of the city. The paintings exhibited in Sundays are a departure from the artist’s previous representational and politically motivated work and explore more universal ideas of place, light, perception and infinity.